Roofing Manufacturers in Grand Prairie, TX

LTJ Roofing provides only the best roofing materials. We have established several connections with the best roofing manufacturers the nation has to offer. We want to be able to trust the roof we install will last a long, long time. If you want the best roof from a company that only works with the best roofing manufacturers in Grand Prairie, TX, call us at 817-602-9797.

Top Quality Roofing Manufacturers


When we install a roof on your home or business, we leave with a clear conscience, knowing that we worked with only the best roofing manufacturers to give you the best roof. Here a few of the manufacturers we work with the areas they specialize in.

Roofing Manufacturers LogoOwens Corning

When you need top quality residential roof shingles, Owens Corning is the manufacturer you want to work with. Their shingles combine durability and eye-catching styles to give you a roof offers both excellent protection and curb appeal.


Astec Insulating Coatings

If you aren’t quite ready for a full blown roof replacement but need to give your old roof some extra support, the roofing manufacturers at Astec can provide you with top quality roof coatings. These roofing systems are seamless, waterproof and can restore a variety of roofing materials. They can also make your building more energy efficient.



Duro-Last  Roofing Systems

The Duro-Last prefabricated roof systems are ideal for any flat or low sloped roof. With an easy installation, the job can be completed with minimal disruption to the occupants or function of the building. These roofing systems are highly reflective and offer excellent energy savings for the building.


ER Systems

If you’re looking for a cool or green roof, ER Systems has you covered. This manufacturer is a leader in cool roof coating and they are proponents for renewable and sustainable building construction. They can provide you with a roofing system that is both durable, long lasting and good the environment.

Call for More Information

If you need to have your roof repaired, replaced or restored, the roofing contractors at LTJ Roofing are here to help. We complete all our roofing jobs with only the best material because we know that a good, solid roof starts there. If you want to hire reliable roofers who have connections with top quality roofing manufacturers in Grand Prairie, TX, call us today at 817-602-9797. We look forward to building a trusting relationship with your family or company.