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Is the roof system on your commercial building in need of replacement or repair? When you need a reliable commercial roofer with significant experience and extensive training, you can rely on LTJ Roofing! Our contractors have a wide range of experience working with different roof types, so we can effectively help you with everything from roof installations to roof coatings! We offer different commercial roofing systems, such as EPDM and PVC, as well as a wide variety of others. For swift and cost-effective service from a reliable commercial roofer in Grand Prairie, TX, give us a call today at 817-602-9797!

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Flat roof membranes, along with metal roofing, and shingle roofs, are all common examples of commercial roof types. All of the roof options available have a selection of different materials to choose from, providing our customers with a great range of colors and textures. Many of these roof types can be expected to last 30 years or more with the right care and maintenance. From repairs to replacements, our professional contractors can help you with all of your commercial roofing requirements. Below we have provided a shortened list of the commercial roofing services we offer. If you are interested in discovering more, follow the links for additional information. Call us today at 817-602-9797, to schedule an appointment with any of our professional roofers. We are a commercial roofer in Grand Prairie, TX that is dedicated to offering top quality commercial roofing services at an affordable cost, and we look forward to serving your business!

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When your building roof is leaking and you don’t know what to do, call LTJ Roofing at 817-602-9797.  We have all the experience to fix or repair all your commercial roofing problems.  If your roof is beyond actual repairs, we are happy to discuss the possibility of roof replacement or restoration.  Our staff is fully licensed and insured and we only work with the best roofing products, so you know you’ll be getting the best professional roofing job in town.  Contact us today for a commercial roofer in Grand Prairie, TX.